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Last Updated: Saturday, 10 December 2005, 16:41 GMT
3.1m for craft centre's renewal
Candle - pic from freefoto.com
Candle making workshops take place at the centre
An arts and craft centre in north Wales has had a scheme for redevelopment boosted by a 3.1m lottery grant from the Arts Council of Wales.

Ruthin Craft Centre is planning a transformation costing a total of 4.3m at its present site.

Director Philip Hughes said the grant would give an improved venue providing a "unique platform" to show international applied arts.

Work on the centre is set to begin in autumn 2006.

Denbighshire Council granted planning permission in September and has committed 480,000 of its own money to the project.

Alun Pugh AM
The transformation of Ruthin Craft Centre will put Wales firmly on the contemporary crafts map
Alun Pugh AM

The new centre will be built from zinc and cast stone in a design reflecting the Clwydian Hills, which are visible from the site's courtyard.

Once work is completed, the centre will contain six craft workshops, larger galleries and an expanded craft retail gallery, two residency studios, an education space and a tourist information centre, as well as a restaurant.

Assembly Culture Minister Alun Pugh said: "Wales has a strong tradition of arts and crafts and the transformation of Ruthin Craft Centre will put Wales firmly on the contemporary crafts map."

Centre director Philip Hughes said: "The 3.1m grant from The Arts Council of Wales means that we can realise our dream to give the people of Denbighshire a world-class craft centre that will benefit the whole nation of Wales.

"The improved venue will provide a unique platform to show inspirational international applied arts. This award is a vindication of our programme of access to excellence for all."


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