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Last Updated: Monday, 25 April, 2005, 15:02 GMT 16:02 UK
Speed camera fines show 70% rise
Speed camera (generic)
Arrive Alive deny the scheme is about making money
Numbers of motorists caught speeding on roads in north Wales in March have risen by 70% compared to the previous year.

Nearly 6,000 drivers were hit with 60 fines compared to 3,466 in March 2004.

Opponents of the anti-speed scheme Arrive Alive claimed it was not working and local road deaths had increased.

However, Arrive Alive said numbers of deaths on roads with speed cameras had levelled out, although fatalities overall had risen in 2004.

People are killing themselves on roads we're not targeting
Arrive Alive spokeswoman

The latest figures suggest on average around 200 drivers were caught breaking the speed limit every day last month.

Last year, 59 people were killed in north Wales, compared to 49 in 2003. However, on those roads with speed cameras, the number of fatalities remained at 12 in each year.

A spokeswoman for Arrive Alive said they had witnessed a decrease in serious injuries on roads they have targeted.

The total figure for deaths and serious injuries was 350 on north Wales roads in 2003; of those, 96 incidents occurred on Arrive Alive-targeted roads.

"With reference to safety cameras we've identified roads that are high risk so we're seeing a decrease," she said.

"People are killing themselves on roads we're not targeting," she added.

However, Ian Glass from People For Proper Policing said the scheme was "a self-funding bureaucracy" and was "pure revenue-building".

The retired Denbighshire man said Arrive Alive was not working.

"In north Wales, despite their campaign the deaths have gone up," he said.

"The police cars are not out there pulling people for bad driving," he added.

In the last financial year speed camera fines totalled 3.4m.

Most of the money will go to the police, with the rest going to magistrates courts, the Highways Authority and the Treasury.

However, Arrive Alive categorically denies that the scheme is about making money.

"Nobody makes any money out of this," added the organisation's spokeswoman.

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