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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 November 2005, 11:03 GMT
Road gritters pelted with stones
Generic picture of road gritter
Gritters are preparing the roads for the bad weather
A safety warning has been issued after youths pelted road gritters with stones in Wrexham.

During last week's cold weather some of the council's vehicles were pelted with stones outside Garden Village shops.

Police were called and spoke to those responsible. The council said the youths put people's lives at risk.

Usually, if gritters are targeted the route is cancelled but Wrexham council said that the service would continue.

The incidents occurred on Monday and Tuesday last week but the warning was issued with another cold snap expected on Friday.


"We would appeal to parents to tell their children about the dangers that such behaviour causes not only to our drivers but also to the wider public," said council spokesman Steve Jones.

"If we had to stop gritting in priority areas because of the actions of a small minority then the town centre would face greater disruptions than is necessary.

"Previously when this has happened the area has been removed from the gritting route. However, this part of town is a strategic route into Wrexham and if it were not gritted would cause considerable problems that could potentially put the travelling public at danger," he added.

The bad weather conditions are expected to continue over the next few days with forecasters predicting snow later in the week.

However, Mr Jones said the local authority is fully prepared. "We have an initial stock of 3,500 tonnes of salt, which is replenished as it is used," he said.

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