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Tardis builder awaits new Daleks
Jake Theunissen and his Tardis
Mr Theunissen built his Tardis from plans downloaded from the internet
A Doctor Who fan who built a life-size Tardis in his family's back garden has given the new BBC television series about his hero the thumbs-up.

Jake Theunissen, 29, from Cross Lanes near Wrexham, rates the 'more alien' looking interior to the Tardis.

But he fears its improved performance may take away from the more chaotic side of the Time Lord's adventures.

He said: "He never knew where the Tardis was going to land. In the new one, he tends to hop about in it."

Mr Theunissen was one of millions who settled down on Saturday night to watch the ninth incarnation of the Doctor on BBC1.

It was sort of part of his character to have a machine that didn't work properly
Jake Theunissen

But he perhaps has a little more expertise than most on the gadgets and gizmos the Time Lord uses in his pan-galactic battles against alien baddies.

For last year he spent six months building a replica of the Tardis, the 1950s police telephone box Doctor Who uses to travel through space and time.

The lifelong Doctor Who fan - his favourite was Tom Baker - said he enjoyed the new BBC Wales-made series overall.

He said: "It's quite different. I think it had the same humour as the old one.


"When the wheelie bin ate that man and burped afterwards, I thought that was very typical Doctor Who."

He said he was particularly impressed with the interior of the new Tardis.

"I like the inside of it and I'm glad they kept the old take-off and landing sound.

"Inside, it was more alien I suppose. I liked the way you could see the doors from the inside, and the way the 'police box' sign was backlit.

However, he was not so convinced about the efficiency of the new machine.

"Doctor Who never knew where it was going to land. In the new one, it's more accurate. He tends to hop about in it.

"I saw Doctor Who as intelligent but also a bit disorganised. He never got round to fixing the Tardis' problems.

'Very brave'

"It was sort of part of his character to have a machine that didn't work properly.

"It means the adventures are no longer unpredictable. It is more planned, I suppose. He doesn't end up somewhere by accident anymore."

Despite this, Mr Theunissen, who has recently moved to Scotland but left his Tardis in Wales, said he was looking forward to the rest of the series.

"I have seen a picture of the new Daleks and I was quite impressed with that. They were my favourite.

"I would like to see the Cybermen back as well. And even the Master.

"They were very brave to bring it back after so long. There are a lot of people now living who will not know what Doctor Who is all about.

"We will just have to see if it's as popular as before. It's a long time to be away."

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