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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 March, 2005, 16:48 GMT
Concern raised over quarry plans
Parry's Quarry
Parry's Quarry could include a waste transfer centre
Residents have raised concerns about plans to change the use of a quarry near their homes in Flintshire.

A planning application was approved by councillors on Wednesday to turn Parry's Quarry near Ewloe into a waste recycling centre.

The company behind the scheme said it would recycle old building waste and that the entrance was not near homes.

Local people claimed it could be turned into a landfill site. The company said that was not planned at the moment.

A waste transfer system will be built at the quarry on Alltami Road and waste from construction sites will be imported.

The fears include the impact on the environment, the increase in traffic, the dust that could be created and the noise levels
Councillor Carol Ellis

However, residents are worried that the centre wll increase traffic and noise pollution near their homes.

John Iball lives approximately half a mile from the site. He said an action group has been set up against the plans.

"The application is for a waste transfer centre but this could become a landfill site," he claimed.

Mr Iball said Flintshire council's landfill site in Brookhill was becoming full.

"Flintshire county council don't have anywhere to put their rubbish and we fear this could become a landfill site," he added.

County councillor Carol Ellis said residents are worried about a number of issues.

"The fears include the impact on the environment, the increase in traffic, the dust that could be created and the noise levels.

"I'm against it for the same reasons as the residents. I'm very concerned about the safety of the road," she added.

Twenty people currently work at the quarry.

Greg Robbins, contracts manager for the applicants Robin Jones & Sons, said the application did not involve a landfill site.

"I don't see the connection, we're looking to recycle for aggregates," he said.

"We already have mobile crushers on site. We want to bring in bricks and kerbs and crush them into aggregates.....it's very similar to what is going on now."

Mr Robbins said the site's entrance is not near homes and local people should not notice any change.

Around 30% of waste in Flintshire is construction and demolition waste and councillors are being recommended to approve the plan at a meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

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