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Residents row over speed bumps
Speed bumps
Residents want the traffic calming bumps removed
Wrexham residents have demanded that speed bumps outside a local secondary school be removed.

More than 300 people have signed a petition asking for them to be taken away or reduced in number.

There are currently eight sets of speed bumps along Sontley Road, a leafy suburb of Wrexham town centre.

However, many locals have said they are damaging their cars and they are now using another road to travel home.

Wrexham Council met on Tuesday to discuss the residents' proposals which include removing them, reducing the number from eight to four or replacing them with another traffic calming measure.


However, they voted with planning officers' recommendations that calming speed humps remain.

A spokesman for the authority said the humps are outside St Joseph's RC secondary school and they have reduced motorists' speed on the road by an average of 10 miles per hour.

Carys Tudor Williams lives just off Sontley Road, she said she would like them to be taken away.

"When they were first put up we were all asking the question 'Why does Sontley Road need these bumps?', because it's not the type of road you can put your foot down on," she said.

Carys Tudor Williams
Carys Tudor Williams said she no longer drives on Sontley Road

"I've never seen anyone speeding on that road and now they have been put up they're very high.

"I've got a car which is very low and within a couple of weeks I had to have a new exhaust.

"Now I don't go along that road at all, I avoid it because of the speed bumps and I know of a lot of people who do the same," she added.

Wrexham Council erected the humps in March 2004 after three accidents were recorded during the past six years.

There have been no recorded accidents since the measures were introduced.

Mrs Tudor Williams said she is concerned about the safety of local pupils but she does not think speed bumps are the answer.

"I can understand that at half past three in the afternoon there are many, many buses but I think a speed limit would be sufficient," she added.

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