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Nixon's ancestors in Caia Park
Richard Nixon and Caia Park estate graphic
Nixon's ancestors lived in a manor house on the site of the Caia Park estate
Thirty-sixth US president Richard Nixon can lay claim to a Welsh heritage, it has emerged.

Nixon, who resigned over the Watergate scandal in 1974, is descended from landed gentry who lived on what is now Wrexham's Caia Park estate.

He is among a line of famous US citizens from the third US president Thomas Jefferson to 70s pop star Donny Osmond who claim Welsh blood.

People on the estate were surprised to learn of their latest famous son.

Nixon, who died in 1994, is descended through his mother's side of the Puleston family.

They lived at Hafod y Wern, a large black and white timber house which used to stand behind the Red Dragon pub on the Caia Park estate.

He is a newcomer to a list of other famous sons of the north east Wales town, including the Hollywood actor Russell Crowe, grandson of a wholesale Wrexham greengrocer.

Historian Alister Williams makes the Nixon connection in his book on the town Encyclopaedia of Wrexham.

Olwen McGrory, shop worker
It's good to hear he came from this part of the world originally - it not just all bad news from here
Shopworker Olwen McGrory, 50

He said Nixon's genealogy - drawn up when he became president - showed he was a descendant of the 15th Century John Puleston.

Little more was known about the connection but the Puleston family who first came to Wales under Edward I.

People on Caia Park were intrigued to hear of the American connection for the estate which was the scene of riots two years ago involving Iraqi Kurd refugees and locals.

Student Jason Nkala, 27, who has lived on the estate for three years, said: "Really that's interesting - I don't know much about him, just that he was the president of America".

Ron Sanders, a volunteer at the Caia centre, said he thought it was "good" that Nixon had links with Wales.

"You hear about the Irish and the Scottish making good but not much about the Welsh.

"They do say that he was an excellent president and everybody makes a mistake."

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