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Garage surprise for England fan
Welsh flag painted on garage
The flag was painted while the Whites were in Spain
An England football fan has come home from holiday to find a Welsh flag emblazoned across his garage door.

Friends of sales manager Nick White, of Marford near Wrexham, decided to get their own revenge for his teasing at Wales' lack of success at Euro 2004.

They used his absence on holiday to paint a Welsh dragon on his formerly pristine white garage.

But the Bolton-born England fan has gamely decided to keep the paintwork in place for the contest's duration.

He said: "I couldn't believe two things - firstly that they'd managed to move my wife's car out of the way to get to it.

"The second was, I thought it was watercolour paint, but when I smelt it I realised it was permanent.

"If it had been a tacky job, I would have been annoyed, but it was well done."

The brightly-painted door certainly stands out in an area dominated by rather more discreetly-painted white doors.

Nick admitted he had been provoking friends about the success of the England team in comparison to Wales.

House with flag on garage
With its painted garage, the house is hard to miss
"I can be a bit hot-headed," he said.

"I'd been winding them up about Euro 2004. I had said I was going to paint a St George's Cross on the door.

"Julie, a family friend, hatched the plot when we went on holiday to Menorca.

"They got a friend who was an artist to come and do it."

He now plans to keep the door until the tournament ends next week and will then buy a new garage door.

But the unusual work of art will not be lost - Nick plans to take it to his father's farm and store it for posterity.

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