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Last Updated: Saturday, 12 June, 2004, 09:28 GMT 10:28 UK
Police tackle 'drink crime'
Wrexham town centre
North Wales Police will patrol Wrexham town centre
Weekend drinkers in Wrexham are being targeted by police determined to clampdown on violent crime and anti-social behaviour.

Over the past three weekends officers have been patrolling the town's centre after a rise in drink-related crime.

Police say Operation Reclaim has had a positive effect and violent crime has been reduced as a direct result.

The scheme will now be extended for a further two weeks.


"Wrexham town is a safe place to visit and the intention will always be to make it even safer," said Inspector Chris Beasley from North Wales Police.

"The clear reductions across the board are very promising and have provided the evidence and encouragement to continue Operation Reclaim over the next few weeks."

During the operation's first weekend 27 people were arrested for violence and disorder.

During the second weekend a total of 21 people were arrested and police introduced a water hose to persuade people caught urinating in the street to clean up their own mess.

However, by the third weekend the figures were dramatically reduced and just five people were arrested.

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