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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 May, 2004, 11:36 GMT 12:36 UK
Chance for children at gallery
Wrexham Art Gallery
The pictures are on public display until 12 June
Professional artists normally have to wait up to two years to see their work on the walls of Wrexham Art Gallery.

However, youngsters as young as 10 are currently taking up the prestigious space with their exhibition, entitled 'Where I Live'.

The project has been organised jointly between BBC Wales, the Welsh Devlopment Agency and Wrexham Arts Centre.

As a result, around 30 pupils from Victoria Park Junior School in Wrexham have their digitally enhanced pictures on display.

Some of the pictures are staggering and really sophisticated
Mary Low, artist

The youngsters worked for two days with Flintshire artist Mary Low.

She said she was "staggered" by the quality of the work.

"For the general health of the nation everyone should get creative," she said.

"Some of the pictures are staggering and really sophisticated, given the amount of time we had what we produced was amazing.

"Everyone is creative and in my generation we were told it wasn't a career but if we don't let that creativity out people get depressed," the former school teacher added.

One of the children's pictures on public display
The children worked with a professional artist

Under the scheme, put together by Lal Lourie, BBC Wales' community studio co-ordinator in Wrexham, 20 children brought in photographs which represented their lives.

They were then digitally enhanced using computers and produced into large pictures.

A further 20 students stayed at their school and produced paintings, some of which are also on display in the art gallery.

John Hughes, Headteacher at Victoria Park Junior School said the art project has inspired the youngsters.

"It's a wonderful experience for them to take part in and they have had a wonderful time," he said.

The students work can also be accessed via the BBC's online gallery.

"This has been a fantastic project to work on, from beginning to end," said Lal Lourie, BBC community studio co-ordinator in Wrexham.

"It has generated local partnerships with key organisations in the area, and provided local school children with the opportunity to work with a professional artist.

"The standard of work produced has been delightful. Hopefully, other schools in north east Wales will see the benefits of working with us on these kinds of projects," she added.

The photographs will be displayed until 12 June.


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