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Last Updated: Friday, 20 August, 2004, 09:22 GMT 10:22 UK
Hoax callers' mobiles targeted
Mobile phone
A number of people have used their mobiles inappropriately
A fresh crackdown has been launched on people in north Wales who use their mobile phones to make false 999 calls.

An agreement has been reached with network providers that the offenders' phones will be disconnected.

So far six people have lost their mobile phone service in north Wales under the new initiative.

One hoax call from a mobile automatically leads to the number being disconnected by its network provider.

Of the 30 million 999 calls that were handled by BT in 2003, 52% were hoax, misdialled or not appropriate for the emergency services.

Inappropriate calls

The scheme, which began in April, has been largely put together by North Wales Fire Service but they are working closely with the police and ambulance services.

North Wales Police receive around 60,000 calls a month, of which 9,800 are 999 calls.

Examples of inappropriate calls include someone reporting a missing dog, and an elderly woman who phoned to report her television was broken.

The idea to disconnect mobile telephones is supported by the North Wales Fire Service.

"Silent or calls reporting false details of a fire are not acceptable," said Senior Fire Safety Officer Dai Roberts.

"During last year North Wales Fire and Rescue Service received 1101 hoax calls, fire appliances were sent to 399 of these calls.

"Making hoax calls to any emergency service is a criminal offence," he said.

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