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Wrexham defends recycling record
Refuse collector
Homeowners are being encouraged to recycle
Recycling levels in Wrexham are the worst in Wales - although 95% of householders in the town say they would be willing to recycle their rubbish.

The county has been named and shamed in the Welsh league table of 2001/2002, which found 78,000 tonnes of rubbish was produced in the county last year, but just 2,500 tonnes was recycled.

On Thursday, a report called on the Welsh Assembly government to help people recycle more.

Some 6,000 homeowners in Wrexham have been given the opportunity to take part in a pilot kerbside recycling scheme and later this year a further 18,000 houses will be drafted into it.

However, it is not a blanket opportunity for all 56,000 householders in Wrexham to recycle their waste.

New villages in recycling scheme

About 95% of Welsh waste is buried underground in landfill sites with Wales lagging behind the rest of Europe in the recycling league.

Wrexham Council spokesman John Bradbury said the local authority agreed it was not great at recycling but it was trying.

"Recycling figures just recently released are unfortunately two years old and do not represent a true reflection of Wrexham's current recycling rate, which is now approximately 12%," he said.

"The figure of three per cent was prior to Wrexham receiving grants from the Welsh Assembly Government to develop recycling schemes throughout the borough.

Public protest

"Subsequently, every effort is being made to improve Wrexham's recycling rates which we are aware have been extremely poor in the past."

Wrexham Council had hoped the county's waste could be dealt with by an incinerator, which would have been built on the town's industrial estate.

The new plant, which was rejected by councillors after months of protest by local people, would have dealt with 120,000 tonnes of waste each year.

In the meantime it is hoped that all areas of the Wrexham will be able to have a kerbside recycling scheme in due course.

Wrexham aims to recycle and compost at least 15% of its waste by 2004 / 2005.

The council's ultimate target is 40-50% by 2010.

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