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Murdered couple's trial delay
Anthony and Linda O'Malley
Mr and Mrs O'Malley were found dead in a cellar in Spain
The trial of two men accused of murdering a couple from north Wales in Spain may not be held for at least another year.

Anthony and Linda O'Malley. who lived in Llangollen, were killed while on holiday in Spain in 2002.

Two men from South America accused of their murders are currently being kept in a Spanish jail.

But lawyers say there is no sign of a court case being set for the two men, said to be from Venezuela.

I hope that they get 20 years on 20 years for the double murder - and that they die in jail
Bernard O'Malley

This is the latest blow to the O'Malley family who had to wait several months before the Spanish Police found the couple's bodies in the cellar of a house near the costal resort of Benidorm.

There was a further delay before their bodies were released for funeral by the Spanish authorities.

Mr and Mrs O'Malley's bodies were finally flown back to Britain from Spain in September 2003, six months after the Spanish police had found their bodies.

Lawyers are now saying that there is no sign of a court date being set.

It is not unusual for some cases to take up top three years to come to trial in Spain.

Mr O'Malley's brother, Bernard, from Widnes, has vowed to travel to Spain to attend the trial.

Villa near Benidorm
The bodies were found at a villa near Benidorm

"The trial is going to be difficult, but it is the intention of both sides of the family to be there," he said.

"We feel it's our duty to go. We have faith in the Spanish justice system. We've been informed that for murder you would be sentenced to 20 years - and in Spain you serve 20 years.

"I hope that they get 20 years on 20 years for the double murder - and that they die in jail."

The O'Malleys, who were originally from Liverpool, had travelled out to Spain in August 2002 to go on holiday as well as looking for a retirement home on the Costa Blanca.

Mrs O'Malley, 55, was supposed to return to Wales the following month with her 42-year-old husband following later that year.

Their last conversation with a member of the family took place on 4 September 2002.

After the O'Malleys' bodies were found a post-mortem examination found that the couple had been asphyxiated and that Mrs O'Malley had been beaten before she had died.

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