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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 November, 2003, 11:30 GMT
School CCTV to combat bullying
CCTV cameras
Surveillance cameras could be installed outside toilets
Surveillance cameras could be installed outside toilet blocks in north Wales schools to cut down on bullying.

Members of teaching union the NASUWT want Wrexham Council to fund CCTV cameras outside the lavatories in the county's secondary schools.

"Bullying can take place anywhere in the schools but one of the hotspots is the toilet," said union secretary and teacher Paul Davies.

In a newsletter to their union members, the NASUWT states that many Wrexham pupils are too scared to go to the school toilets - fearing bullying or facilities left unhygienic as a result of vandalism.

On the whole they do provide a positive means to control unsocial behaviour
Chris Hughes Headteacher

Mr Davies said schools and the behaviour of pupils has changed and teachers need to act accordingly.

"The days of the 1950s and Goodbye Mr Chips have unfortunately gone," he said.

At the moment, seven out of nine secondary schools in Wrexham have CCTV cameras installed.

Darland High School in Rossett near Wrexham, is among them and headteacher Chris Hughes said he would support the introduction of more.

Dealing with bullying involves far more than just observation
Terry Garner Wrexham Council

"On the whole they do provide a positive means to control unsocial behaviour," he said.

"We do have cameras in corridors and we can monitor youngsters going in and out of particular rooms.

"For the most part it does assist us as teachers.

"There are times when we need to roll the camera back and check who was in the corridor at any particular time."

Wrexham Council has a planned programme for installing CCTV in their buildings which is based on the scheduled refurbishment of schools.

But Director of Education and Leisure Services Terry Garner said the cameras cannot be relied upon to solely reduce bullying.

"Dealing with bullying involves far more than just observation," he said.

"It is the ethos of our schools to work with pupils through various schemes to make education a positive experience for all."

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