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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 September, 2003, 16:19 GMT 17:19 UK
Free alarms for OAPs cut crime
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Distraction burglaries have been reduced
North Wales pensioners say they feel safer in their homes after a police initiative cut distraction burglaries in Flintshire by half.

More than 3,000 security items have been fitted into the homes of elderly people, including security alarms, digital safes and personal attack alarms.

"Now the window alarms, letterbox and door catches are fitted, the house is more secure and I feel a lot safer," said one, from Holywell.

North Wales Police visited 756 homes across the county to hand out free security equipment to the elderly and vulnerable living in crime "hot spots".

"Burglars are much less likely to target homes which are alarmed and fitted with other security devices and there has been a significant drop in the number of distraction burglaries," said Sergeant Andy Massey.


"Initiatives like this help reduce that false perception of fear, particularly amongst vulnerable groups such as the elderly who often worry about security."

A member of Holywell Pensioners Club said its members feel safer in the knowledge that their properties are more secure.

"One hopes that these [security] items will never be put to the test but this exercise has already proved its value with the greater peace of mind... brought to our members," he said.

Police also helped pensioners postcode their property using ultra violet pens.

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