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Last Updated: Wednesday, 31 October 2007, 16:02 GMT
Petition for crackdown on drunks
Aberystwyth street scene
A drink-free zone was introduced in Aberystwyth in May 2005
A councillor has launched a petition urging council leaders and the police to curb late night "drunken idiots" in Aberystwyth.

Ceredig Davies said he had been inundated with complaints from residents who claimed revellers were causing problems while walking home.

Mr Davies said people were angry about increased noise levels, vandalism and vomit in the streets and on doorsteps.

Ceredigion Community Safety Partnership said the problem was "being addressed".

Earlier this month, the Home Office praised the town's drink-free zone which has helped reduce alcohol-related crime by 15% since 2005.

But Mr Davies said he had received complaints from people plagued by "drunken idiots".

I've had women, some nearly in tears, tell me that they are being forced to take medication because they can't sleep at night
Ceredig Davies

He blamed the problem on the 2003 Licensing Act which allowed pubs to extend their opening hours.

He said: "Noise is predominantly the problem, but wanton vandalism such as kicking off car door mirrors, pushing down railings outside homes, vomit being found on people's doorsteps and smashed windows is also a major concern.

"I've had women, some nearly in tears, tell me that they are being forced to take medication because they can't sleep at night.

"Postmen have said that they've been intimidated by drunken people in the early hours as they start work."

Ceredigion Community Safety Partnership, which is made up of the police and Ceredigion Council, said the issue was a matter of concern.

A spokeswoman said the impact that each pub or club had on the locality had to be considered on an individual basis.

She added: "The licensing regime introduced a process that allows formal reviews to be undertaken of the manner in which premises operate.

"The management of the late night economy in Aberystwyth is a matter of concern and is being addressed by the Ceredigion Community Safety Partnership."

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