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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2007, 10:11 GMT 11:11 UK
Unicycling student claims record
Sam Wakeling (picture: Aberystwyth University)
Sam Wakeling has been a unicyclist for the past four years
A student is claiming a world record for the longest distance ridden on a unicycle in 24 hours.

Sam Wakeling covered exactly 282 miles (453.8km) at Aberystwyth University's athletics track when he finished his marathon session at 1000 BST on Sunday.

The 22-year-old computer science undergraduate from Bath was aiming to beat the existing record of 235.3 miles (378.7km) on his 36in (91cm) wheel.

His efforts still have to be confirmed by Guinness World Records.

Speaking before he began on Saturday, he said he had been practising hard to overtake New Zealander Ken Looi's record.

He had been hoping to raise the record to about 300 miles (482.7km).

Sam Wakeling (picture: Aberystwyth University)
My longest distance is 150 miles (241.3km) in a day when I rode to Manchester recently, so I have a fairly good idea of what it may feel like
Sam Wakeling, speaking before his record attempt

But if his distance is confirmed, he will still have exceeded the existing mark by 46.7 miles (75.1km).

Speaking earlier, he said: "It will probably be the most exhausting thing I have ever done, but I wouldn't plan an attempt at this record if there wasn't a chance of breaking it.

"This unicycle has become my main form of transport, and my longest distance is 150 miles (241.3km) in a day when I rode to Manchester recently, so I have a fairly good idea of what it may feel like."

He said the secret was "getting into a good and steady rhythm" at about 15mph, and using an air-cushioned saddle for "maximum possible comfort".

A unicyclist for four years, he was allowed to take short breaks during the 24-hour ride.

In 2005, he and three other Aberystwyth students unicycled from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money for Christian international development charity Tearfund.

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