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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 May 2007, 20:45 GMT 21:45 UK
Rhys to capture Thomas' essence
Sienna Miller and Matthew Rhys filming in New Quay
Sienna Miller plays Dylan Thomas' wife Caitlin in the film
Actor Matthew Rhys has admitted he feels "terrified" portraying Dylan Thomas in his latest film.

Rhys, Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley are shooting The Edge of Love in New Quay, Ceredigion.

He said that Thomas' daughter, Aeronwy, had advised him not to try and impersonate the poet but rather to capture his "spirit or essence".

The film focuses on an infamous event in 1945 when Thomas was shot at by the husband of a mutual friend.

The movie centres on a reputed love triangle involving Thomas, his wife Caitlin, played by Miller, and the poet's childhood friend Vera Killick portrayed by Knightley.

Following an argument in the town's Black Lion pub, Killick was accused of firing a machine gun at Thomas' home in New Quay, but he was cleared when the matter went to court.

Rhys said he thought it was "surprising" how few people knew about the incident.

"It was a major part of Thomas' life and it has not been that well reported," he said.

Rhys admitted the task in hand made him feel anxious: "I don't think nervous actually quite qualifies the way I feel - terrified is a more accurate description.

Sienna Miller (r) and Keira Knightley filming at New Quay (picture: Wales News Service)

"I was enormously nervous and worried about taking on the mantle of one of Wales' greatest sons," he added.

However, Rhys said his colleagues made his job easier. "I'm happy about how passionate they are about the script and story.

"We all share the same enthusiasm for the amazing story," he said.

Many locals have signed up to play extras in the film which will also be shot in the boat house in Laugharne where Thomas did much of his writing.

It is believed The Edge of Love will be released in spring 2008.

"Terrified is a more accurate description"

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