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Counties top 'green' league table
Kerbside waste collection (picture: Science Photo Library)
Both Powys and Ceredigion councils operate kerbside collection schemes
When it comes to recycling rubbish mid Wales is the top performing region in the country, according to Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) figures.

Ceredigion Council has recycled and composted 35.6% of its waste in 2005-06, putting it top of the league in Wales.

Powys is in second place overall recycling 35.3%, an increase of more than 1% on 2004-05.

Both have now exceeded WAG's target of recycling 25% of waste by 2006-07.

The local authorities have stepped up their recycling efforts over the last few years and have devised innovative recycling projects.

For instance, Powys has compost experts who carry out home visits, and garden waste has even been targeted in order to avoid a 200-a-tonne fine imposed by the assembly government.

Meanwhile, the council's kerbside recycling project, already operating in its larger towns, has recently been expanded to include villages in the north-east of the county.

A new website has been launched in conjunction with the scheme so people can keep tabs on how much waste they recycle each week.

Ceredigion: 30.39%
Powys: 19.62%
Source - Welsh Assembly Government 2005-06

Up to 4,500 homes received bins with barcodes last month which are weighed and then scanned to gauge recycling rates.

When the scheme was launched last month, Powys Council said individuals and communities who recycled the most could win prizes such as computer equipment for their local schools.

Joy Shearer, board member with responsibility for waste management, said: "The amount of waste we produce in Powys continues to grow, so to achieve such a significant rise in recycling and composting is a major achievement."

In the neighbouring county of Ceredigion, the council said it had re-used and/or recycled 12,401 tonnes of municipal waste 2005-06, the average across Wales being 11,487 tonnes.

Powys: 15.68%
Ceredigion: 5.19%
Source - Welsh Assembly Government 2005-06

As with Powys, Ceredigion has a kerbside collection programme and a "real nappy" project, which encourages the recycling of disposable nappies.

The council also has a recycling newsletter which offers tips to residents about how to stay green.

Meanwhile, all of the waste collected by both Powys and Ceredigion councils that is not recycled, composted or reused, goes to Bryn Posteg landfill site near Llanidloes.

This is the only operational landfill site in Powys, and is operated by Evans Logistics.

There are over 100 closed landfill sites in Powys, which are monitored by Powys Council.

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