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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 October 2006, 12:14 GMT 13:14 UK
Dam graffiti wall set to be saved
The Cofiwch Dryweryn landmark
The Cofiwch Dryweryn landmark before it fell into disrepair
A wall painted in memory of a Welsh village flooded 40 years ago to provide water for Liverpool is likely to be preserved after falling into disrepair.

The landmark, near Aberystwyth, was daubed with Cofiwch Dryweryn (Remember Tryweryn) shortly after, and some claim it has achieved iconic status.

Llanrhystud Community Council intends to preserve the wall, which has deteriorated in recent years.

The slogan was painted shortly after Tryweryn, near Bala, disappeared.

Community council vice-chair Glyn Davies said: "A piece of the wall has already crumbled away and it has deteriorated over the last couple of years.

"But the community council is keen to repair the wall and preserve this national landmark which has become iconic in many people's eyes."

Mr Davies said the council had approached a farmer who owned the wall and he was willing to allow the repairs estimated to cost 1,000.

Believed to have been part of an old house or cow shed, the wall has also been repainted over the years as the letters faded.

Dafydd Morgan Lewis of the Welsh Language Society (Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg) said: "Every effort should be made to help the community council preserve the landmark.

"I will be writing to the community council to suggest they start a national appeal to raise funds to help repair it."

The historical monument agency Cadw said the wall did not qualify for grant aid because it was not a registered monument or a building of historical interest.

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