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Naked cattle shed dancer resigns
The Royal Welsh Show shed where the impromptu strip was staged
The Royal Welsh Show shed where the impromptu strip was staged
A young woman who caused a scandal by allegedly dancing naked during a party in a cattle shed at the Royal Welsh Show has left her job.

The unnamed woman worked for Carmarthenshire's Cig Calon Cymru - one of the country's most prominent breeders of Welsh Black Cattle.

Owner Enzo Sauro said she "left her job of her own accord" and was not sacked.

The Welsh Black Cattle Society launched an inquiry into the alleged performance which "upset" some members.

The firm had been celebrating a new contract with Marks and Spencer to supply Welsh Black cattle to each of its 16 stores in Wales.

Enzo Sauro
Enzo Sauro had won a lucrative contract with Marks and Spencer

The following day an investigation was announced by the 102-year-old Welsh Black Cattle Society (WBCS), whose patron is Prince Charles.

A society spokesman said it was outraged at hearing of the "unsavoury" party, held in one of its cattle lines at the show in Llanelwedd, mid Wales.

President Bob Williams said: "We are very concerned and upset about the whole incident.

"We are having an investigation. It had nothing to do with the Welsh Black Cattle society and 99.9% of its members...

"We are very upset about it - that an individual could cause so much stress." Mr Williams said that the Prince of Wales "won't be very pleased about it either".

On Monday, Mr Sauro confirmed the woman had "left her job of her own accord".

There were some reports on Monday that the woman had been sacked, but "that's not the case", said Mr Sauro, who refused to comment further.

Mr Sauro, owner of Cig Calon Cymru, which also runs an abattoir in Cross Hands, denies any responsibility for the striptease.

He said he could not be held responsible for the behaviour of every woman at the party and had nothing to encourage the woman in question.

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