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Second gypsy camp is considered
A travellers' camp (generic)
Powys already has one official camp at Welshpool in north Powys
A survey has begun into whether a second gypsy and travellers' camp should be built in Powys.

There is already a site at Welshpool, but council chiefs said their research would identify whether another was required in the south of the county.

Officials said the authority would look for a suitable location if the research found another site was needed.

A group which advises gypsies and travellers said authorised camps meant they could pay their way.

Emma Nuttall of the advisory group, Friends, Families and Travellers, said research by Cardiff University showed that 18m a year was spent combating unauthorised camps.

She said the sum would pay for a network of camps for gypsies and travellers in Britain.

Authorised camps mean gypsies and travellers can pay council tax
Emma Nuttall, Friends, Families and Travellers

"Many gypsies and travellers don't have authorised camps and that means they often have no access to electricity, water or toilet facilities," she said.

"But authorised camps mean gypsies and travellers can pay council tax, rent, water rates and electricity bills like everybody else."

Powys Council said it would work with neighbouring authorities on its plans but stressed there were no definite plans for a second site.

"The council is currently considering the provision of accommodation for gypsies and travellers in south Powys and a local accommodation needs assessment will be commissioned," said a spokesman.

"If the assessment finds that accommodation is required, then the council will begin to search for a potential suitable location for a permanent gypsy and traveller site in south Powys."

Gypsy and traveller communities in south Powys would be kept "fully informed" and consulted, he said.

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