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Pupil shortage closes primaries
School children (generic)
Headteachers said it was a sad day for the schools
Four primary schools in Ceredigion closed their doors for the final time at the end of term on Friday.

Earlier this year Ceredigion Council agreed to shut Ferwig near Cardigan and Brynherbert, Swyddffynnon and Trefeurig all near Aberystwyth.

The decision was prompted by falling pupils numbers, and the children will move to other schools in the area.

Trefeurig had 12 pupils while there were nine at Ferwig and Swyddffynnon and four at Brynherbert.

Other counties in Wales, including Carmarthenshire, Denbighshire and Powys, have also considered school closures because of falling pupil numbers.

Headteachers of two of the Ceredigion schools said it was the "end of an era" for education in their areas.

The children won't turn their backs on their community
Rhiannon Jones, head of Ysgol Trefeurig

Llinos Griffiths, head of Ysgol Brynherbert, said she would be having a "quiet cup of tea" with parents on a "sad occasion".

Ysgol Trefeurig opened in 1875 and its head Rhiannon Jones said: "The children won't turn their backs on their community as a result of the school closure.

'Last option'

"There have been concerns that the closure would affect the community and it's certainly a loss to the area.

"But the community may look to different ways to pull it together now."

Its children have held a tea party, a twmpath (barn dance) and the annual end of term service led by the senior school pupils.

Falling numbers were highlighted in the annual report of the schools inspection body Estyn on 23 January.

It said if the number of schools in Wales was reduced to cater exactly for the number of pupils, then councils in Wales could close 275 average-sized primaries and 26 secondaries.

In January, Ceredigion Council said the schools had experienced falling rolls.

The council said a closure was always the last option and it was very sad that it was required.

Closure school is 'soft target'
09 Jun 05 |  South West Wales

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