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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 April 2006, 16:34 GMT 17:34 UK
Bog snorkelling wins a new backer
A bog snorkeller
Snorkelling in the Waen Rhydd peat bog near Llanwrtyd Wells
Organisers of one of the UK's quirkiest contests, the annual bog snorkelling championship, have found a new sponsor after putting it up for auction online.

London-based IT company SPMK has agreed to back this year's event, which has been held near a mid Wales town for the past 21 years.

Bidders for the contest in Llanwrtyd Wells had to put up a minimum 5,000.

SPMK bought the right to name the event, distribute advertising and to use it for hospitality for 5,500.

The August bank holiday event was left without corporate funding after a sponsorship deal with an ice cream company ended. The online auction was staged last month.

The competition raises money for cystic fibrosis charities and costs several thousand pounds to stage and advertise.

We jumped at the chance to bid and thankfully we were successful
Steven Farebrother, SPMK

Last year it attracted more than 150 competitors, many in weird and wonderful fancy dress, who battled to be the fastest to snorkel 60ft (18m) through a peat bog.

Gordon Green, chairman of organisers Green Events, said four companies had been interested in the auction on eBay.

"SPMK said they hadn't done any advertising on such a large scale like this before," said Mr Green.

"When they heard about the auction they just decided to go for it. People from the company will be visiting Llanwrtyd Wells to discuss the deal."

SPMK managing director Steven Farebrother said: "It's the sort of event we have noticed and we jumped at the chance to bid and thankfully we were successful".



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