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Bogus sheep in hillside tribute
The sheep being loaded into a trailer (picture: Powys Council)
The sheep travel to the field just like their real counterparts
Two hundred life-size models of sheep have been "rounded up" to stand on a hillside alongside a real flock.

The bogus woolly-backs will reflect how sheep animate and maintain Wales' rugged landscape.

But they are not entirely fake as they are fitted out with a fleece, although their remaining parts are made of hazel, willow and felt.

More than 200 children and adults from towns and villages in south Powys are working on the community arts project.

Weather permitting, the models will be positioned on Mynd Hill, a five-acre area near New Radnor, in the next few days.

They are even being transported to the field in a stock trailer - just like real sheep.

Sheep are taken for granted in this (the Welsh) landscape
Artist Morag Colquhoun

The project started six months ago and has included schoolchildren, youth clubs and art groups.

Local environmental artist Morag Colquhoun was awarded an Arts Council of Wales grant to fund the scheme.

Ms Colquhoun said: "This project has provided a rare opportunity to work on a massive scale.

"The 200 sheep that form the artwork were made from local, natural materials found in and around the landscape from where they came.

"For now though, they blend with the living sheep around them. Or do they? Sheep are taken for granted in this landscape and maybe that's the point.

One of the sheep models (picture: Powys Council)
The sheep will eventually biodegrade back into the landscape

"This artwork attempts to reflect how sheep animate and maintain the landscape and how the cyclical nature of sheep farming provides an enduring local resource that needs to be valued and cherished.''

Lucy Bevan, arts development officer with Powys Council, said the project had offered an exciting and positive approach to working creatively with local communities.

Permission to use the five-acre site has been given by the Giordano family of Maesmellan Farm.

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