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Last Updated: Friday, 6 January 2006, 11:41 GMT
Town bypass demand over traffic
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Consultants are assessing Newtown's traffic problems
A town is in danger of being "choked by traffic" and urgently needs a bypass, claims a Powys councillor.

But Richard Noyce said the Welsh Assembly Government's roads policy seemed to be ignoring Newtown and the rest of mid Wales.

A WAG spokesman denied it was being ignored and said a scheme to improve the town's traffic flow was part of its programme to upgrade trunk roads.

He added that a "transport appraisal" in Newtown had been carried out too.

The spokesman said that more than 20 of the 47 schemes announced in WAG's Trunk Road Forward Programme in 2004 were in central Wales.

Newtown's traffic problem has been an issue for many years and has been brought up in several council meetings.

Year on year things are getting worse and nothing is being done and the frustration just increases
Richard Noyce

Mr Noyce, who represents the Llanllwchaiarn North ward, said: "I feel that mid Wales is ignored by the Welsh Assembly Government, it does seem that way.

"Year on year things are getting worse and nothing is being done and the frustration just increases."

He also claimed that businesses were unwilling to locate in the town because of the traffic delays.

Mr Noyce added: "Newtown has considerable problems and a bypass is the only solution to make Newtown worth living in, otherwise it is in danger of being choked by traffic."

Of the consultants' report, the WAG spokesman said: "Their report, which is currently being finalised, will identify a number of transport solutions, one of which could be a bypass (for Newtown).

"The next stage will be to appoint consultants to develop one of these options further and this work/stage is scheduled to commence later this year."



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