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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 April, 2005, 12:10 GMT 13:10 UK
New Royal date's souvenir boost
Supreme Creations' wedding souvenirs

Alterations to the Royal wedding have not affected the lucrative souvenir market it appears - at least in mid Wales anyway.

Welshpool company Supreme Creations had sold all its aprons, tea towels and cotton bags with the old 8 April date on them.

Now it said it was gearing up to make a potential killing with the new 9 April date.

The firm, which sells in London, said it would target American tourists.

But an experienced auctioneer from Welshpool, claimed that the Royal Family did not have the appeal it once had and that general memorabilia was worth little.

The Prince of Wales' wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles was postponed until Saturday on Monday. It will allow him to attend Pope John Paul II's funeral in Rome on Friday.

Vivian Lacey-Johnson, Supreme Creations' marketing director, said: "When we found out about the new wedding date yesterday (Monday), our sales director in London visited wholesalers to see if they wanted items with the new date.

Even if we have to sell the items on internet auction site e-bay, it may still be a significant market
Vivian Lacey-Johnson

"They said the moment had passed and people were unlikely to buy something like an apron again.

"But we anticipate they'll be a potential market after the wedding, especially among tourists such as the Americans who like the Royal Family."

Mr Lacey-Johnson added that the company, which employs 13 people in Welshpool and London, was "gearing up" to start the printing machines again.

"We could be in position to do a double take. From our experience, after Easter the holiday trade really picks up so we'd like to target that market," he said.

"Even if we have to sell the items on internet auction site eBay, it may still be a significant market."

On one internet auction site, bidding for a souvenir mouse mat from one online trader with the old wedding date on it had reached 32, while a book mark had reached nearly 12.

However, Jim Mason, an auctioneer for 40 years, said he believed wedding memorabilia even with the old date would be worth very little.

Mr Mason, senior partner at Harry Ray and Co in Welshpool, holds a memorabilia auction every quarter.

He said: "So many souvenirs are produced now that they are virtually worthless. And the Royal Family does not have the appeal it had years ago.

"The wedding souvenirs, even with the old date, will offer no significant impact at auction - that's my general opinion."

Mr Mason added that even commemorative coronation mugs dating back decades were essentially worthless.

"Special or limited edition china might be worth something in a few years, but that will have worth something to start with," Mr Mason added.

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