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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 October 2005, 16:30 GMT 17:30 UK
Gas pipeline is 'routine project'
Professor Nick Syred - picture courtesy of Cardiff University
Prof Syred says there are many similar pipelines across the UK
Nick Syred is a professor of mechanical engineering at Cardiff University's School of Engineering.

He explains how common gas pipeline projects are in the UK, and how routine the one across Wales should be for engineers.

"As a nation, we've been building gas pipelines since the 1970s.

The planned project across Wales will hardly be avant garde.

We have a network of pipes stretching hundreds of miles throughout the UK. We have the experience, the technology and the expertise.

The one across Wales is planned through a sensitive area - that's the problem, not the building work.

Computer model of LNG terminal at Milford Haven
Liquefied Natural Gas will be imported through Milford Haven

As for the environment, building companies go to great lengths to care for it, that's one of the reasons why these projects are so expensive.

The landscape will be restored. A daughter of a friend of mine is employed to evaluate wild flowers and other plants that are affected by the route of a pipeline.

The construction firm will make sure the flora and fauna are cared for and replaced.

The environment seems to be the main feature of this plan.


The people behind the project have avoided the densely populated areas of south Wales and the mountains of the Brecon Beacons.

They would have been looking for an area without too many undulations and areas where there were not too many landowners.

The geology of the landscape would also have been important to them.

I can't stress enough how routine these sorts of building project are.

For example, there's a pipeline bringing gas into western Europe from eastern Russia so the one across Wales into England should be straight forward.

As for the time frame, once planning is agreed the construction work should take between 18 months to two years."

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