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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 September 2005, 06:21 GMT 07:21 UK
Pedal power in loan scheme boost
Dilwyn Daniel
Dilwyn Daniel on his way to work on Wednesday
A company has launched a new scheme to persuade workers to turn their backs on horse power in favour of pedal power.

Bosses at Cambrian Printers, in Aberystwyth, are offering staff an interest free loan of 250 to buy bicycles to travel to and from work.

The firm, which employs 86, said it was part of a commitment to improve staff health as well as the environment.

Three workers have so far switched from cars to bikes and are re-paying the loan at 5 per week.

The company also provides showers for workers who cycle to work, in addition to advice about the safest routes.

Printer Dilwyn Daniel is one employee who has taken advantage of the new two-wheeler initiative.

Dilwyn Daniel arrives at work after pedalling 18 miles
It keeps me fit and I beat the traffic jams
Dilwyn Daniel

He cycles 18 miles from Tregaron to Aberystwyth. He said he had noticed an improvement in his fitness and he had trimmed his travel time down from one-hour 35 minutes to one-hour five minutes.

"It keeps me fit and I beat the traffic jams on the way into Aberystwyth in the morning," he said.

"I used to play football and rugby, but my knees suffered and I had to stop. But cycling doesn't seem to effect my knees. My fitness level has certainly improved."

Norman Faulkner of Cambrian Printers said the initiative aimed to reduce the "daily commute" to work.

Cambrian Printers in Aberystwyth
Cambrian Printers is encouraging workers to get on their bikes

"Our reason for introducing this scheme to employees was part of a wider commitment as a company to the environment and to the responsibility we have to the wellbeing of our workers.

"We aimed to reduce the impact of the daily commute to work and to encourage the greater use of cycling as a form of transportation both for pleasure and necessity."

Those choosing to cycle to work did not have to worry about escalating fuel prices either, added Mr Faulkner.

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