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Motorists' 'weird' speed excuses
Speed camera
Speed camera organisers want drivers to be more aware
Sick budgies, hitchhikers at the wheel and ice scrapers under the accelerator are some of the weird excuses given by speeding drivers in Wales.

Staff at the road safety scheme which administers speeding fines in mid and south Wales say drivers go to amazing lengths to avoid fines.

But around 190 people are killed and 1,600 seriously injured each year on Welsh roads.

Advisers say motorists must become more aware of the speed they are using.

Staff at the Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership have compiled a list of excuses put forward by speeding motorists to try to escape the 60 fixed penalty and three points on their licence.

One driver wrote that his budgie was ill and he was rushing to the vet when he was caught on camera.

Speeding excuses from motorists
My ex still has keys to my car and keeps taking it without asking. I haven't reported this to the police
My budgie was ill and I was rushing it to the vet
I was desperate for the loo and had to speed to the nearest public toilet
An ice-scraper fell out of a compartment in the door and jammed under the pedal.
I picked up a hitchhiker who commented that they liked my car so I let 'this person' drive the vehicle. I don't have their name or address.
I was in a hire car and the speedometer was in a different position - I was actually looking at the rev counter by mistake.
As I entered onto the motorway, my car was dragged along in the slip-stream of a truck. My brakes aren't very good, so I had to keep pace with it.
Another claimed an ice-scraper fell out of a compartment in the door and jammed under the pedal.

A third said he had picked up a hitchhiker who said they liked his car so he had let him driver the car ( he did not have the hitchhiker's name or address).

John Rowling, manager of Mid & South Wales Safety Camera Partnership, said: "We get hundreds of letters from motorists every year saying that they are usually very cautious drivers with an unblemished record, or that they didn't realise the speed they were travelling at.

"But some go to amazing lengths to avoid a speeding penalty with weird and wonderful excuses.

But Mr Rowling said although some excuses may seem humorous, there was no excuse for speeding.

"Every year, around 190 people are killed and 1,600 seriously injured on Welsh roads.

"We believe that motorists can really help us make a difference in 2005 by becoming more aware of the speeds they drive at."

The safety camera partnership, which brings together 23 organisations including local authorities, police, magistrates' courts and the NHS, was set up in April 2000 in south Wales.

It was extended to cover the Gwent and Dyfed-Powys force areas in 2002.

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