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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 December, 2004, 17:18 GMT
Hi-tech centre for business opens
Technium Aberystwyth
The Technium in Ceredigion is one of nine in Wales
A hi-tech centre of excellence for entrepreneurs in the technology industry has opened in mid Wales.

Three companies in software development and television production have become the first tenants at Technium Aberystwyth which opened on Tuesday.

The ninth of its type in Wales, it is funded by the Welsh Development Agency and Welsh Assembly Government.

The 1.7m state-of-the-art base will provide 8,000sq ft of accommodation for embryonic businesses.

The network's aim is to group together business start-ups, entrepreneurs from universities, researchers, developers and industrial market leaders under one roof.

Technium tenants receive office space, business support and fast telecom links such as broadband.

We have fabulous facilities and it helps portray a professional image to customers
Kevin Smith, Micro Heat

The Technium at Swansea has been open for two years.

Kevin Smith, managing director of Micro Heat, which operates at Swansea developing a water heater, said the Technium provided specialist skills which may not be close at hand at another site.

He added: " Technium Swansea has been open for two years and there are three companies in various stages of development.

"The infrastructure at the Technium is something you would not expect to get in ordinary commercial premises.

"They are far superior and there's easy access to IT and broadband. There's also an opportunity to forge strong links with people who have specialist skills and these would not be available normally."

Mr Smith added: "We have fabulous facilities and it helps portray a professional image to customers.

"I'm sure the Technium in Aberystwyth will be a success and it provides the right platform to develop businesses."

Technium Swansea
Technium Swansea has been open for two years

Software development companies SmartData UK, Predictive Solutions and television production company Unigryw, have moved into Technium Aberystwyth, which is located at the town's marina.

SmartData UK aims to create software and database solutions.

Company spokesman Gareth Hopkins said: "The move to Technium Aberystwyth has facilitated an expansion of the company and we believe this opportunity will open up a whole range of possibilities.

"The package offered by the Technium will assist us in creating more jobs and expanding into the international market place. "

Andrew Davies, Welsh Minister for Economic Development and Transport, said the Technium network was playing a pivotal role in developing a modern, highly skilled and knowledge-based economy in Wales.

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