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Streaker joins Subbuteo
Tom Taylor and Subbuteo
Mr Taylor got the idea after seeing one at a real match in 1998.
A table football shop has hit a winning streak with its top-selling accessory - a miniature streaker.

Tom Taylor, who owns the shop in Knighton, mid Wales, has sold 6,000 sets of the three quarter inch high models to Subbuteo enthusiasts.

The male and female streakers even come with chasing policemen - in miniature again of course.

Tom, 52, said: "They're the best-selling accessory we've got."

"You have referees, linesmen, supporters and policemen, but the streakers out-sell all of those by a good margin."

The basic set costs 4.99 although a special edition with a policeman and a helmet over the offending area will set you back another couple of pounds.

Although some of the purists have dismissed the idea, he said they can play a serious role in a game, and he has adapted the rules.

"In real life a streaker comes onto the pitch and it's of no advantage to anyone, but in Subbuteo you can bring your streaker on - it also disrupts play, but it can also be to your advantage."

Streaker figure
Mr Taylor has even invented a set of rules to include the streaker.

His wife Sue, a former English table football champion said: "It happens in real life, why not in Subbuteo?"

Mr Taylor added: "We had to get a mould made and it was not cheap. We have sold them all over the world."

The couple, who sell the goods on the internet from the Powys town, say the figures were all in proportion, with male streakers currently out-selling women.

Tom said: "They've got all the bits. To me it's not offensive, we're all like that underneath."

But you may still need to buy a magnifying glass though.

Subbuteo wins extra time
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