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Ollie, 10, rocks drum showcase
Feeder's drummer Mark Richardson with Ollie Harding
Feeder's drummer Mark Richardson presents Ollie with the limited edition print
An aspiring 10-year-old rock star received a rousing reception when he performed on stage in front of some of the world's top drummers.

It was a dream come true for Ollie Harding when he was invited to entertain an audience at Drumfest 2004.

Ollie, from Builth Wells, has been drumming since he was eight.

The only thing holding him up is that he has to stop practising in his bedroom when it is time for his younger brother and sister to go to bed.

The youngster has set his sights on being a rock star, but would be quite content to be a session musician because he says it "pays more."

I would like to be a rock star, although I'd be quite happy being a session drummer as it pays more
Ollie Harding

Ollie was taken to the DrumFest drum clinic event in Birmingham by his dad, Martyn.

"We were standing by the edge of the stage when Ollie was invited up on stage by Skunk Anansie and Feeder drummer, Mark Richardson," said Mr Harding.

In front of a packed audience at the Adrian Boult Theatre in Birmingham, Ollie, who has been playing just two years, performed and according to his father received "the best reception of the day".

He said: "I think people in the crowd and on stage were amazed by what he could do."

As a reward he was presented with a limited edition print of Welsh rock band Feeder's last album cover by their drummer Mark Richardson.

Ollie, who is a pupil at Builth Wells Primary School, added: "I played a simple rock beat on stage that I'd been working on.

"I was really pleased to go on stage and met some really great drummers.

"I like what a lot of the session drummers do and would like to be a rock star, although I'd be quite happy being a session drummer as it pays more."

Ollie added: "I'm studying for my grade five drumming exam and should get to the final grade, which is eight, by the time I'm 13 or 14.

"I like the drumming on Bon Jovi and like Iron Maiden's Nick McBrain who was on stage with me at the DrumFest.

"I play a bit of guitar too but I'm a better drummer."

Ollie admitted that getting to the top of the world of rock was tough.

"My mum allows him to practice the drums every night in my bedroom, but I have to stop when my younger brother and sister have to go to bed," he said.

"I dad is taking me a Darkness gig in December and I'm going to a drumming workshop by Mike and the Mechanics drummer Craig Blundell in the next few weeks."

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