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Sister's fears for missing mother
Natalie Putt with baby Rhys
Natalie would not have left baby Rhys behind according to her sister
The sister of a teenager who went missing from her home leaving her three-month-old baby fears that she is dead.

Aberystwyth-born Natalie Putt would have turned 18 last week but has not been seen since disappearing last September from her West Midlands home.

The National Crime Faculty, who helped solve the Soham murders, are now helping with the inquiry.

West Midlands Police said they were still seeking information.

She was last seen on 1 September, after putting three-month-old son Rhys to sleep and going to the shops near her home in Dudley.

Her half-sister Rebecca Coggins said: "There's not been a single sighting of her, no cash withdrawals. She left behind her mobile, clothes and jewellery - above all she left her baby."

As far as I'm concerned, we're waiting for a body to be found
Rebecca Coggins

"It doesn't add up. She'd wanted a baby since she was 14 and Rhys was everything she wanted."

Rebecca said her sister had something of a troubled childhood after her parents' marriage break-up and her mother's death, but she seemed happy after the birth of her son.

"I visited her and the baby in July and she was completely devoted to him."

Baby Rhys is now been looked after by Natalie's 18-year-old boyfriend, her father and step-mother in Dudley.

Natalie moved to the Midlands after the death of her mother when she was nine but went back and forth to visit relatives in Machynlleth in Powys.

Forensic tests

Rebecca Coggins, who lives in Nottingham, has since been back to mid Wales to put flowers on her mother Jennifer's grave and said no-one there had seen her sister.

"They've seen nothing of her and they know her well. She's a striking girl who if you've met her, wouldn't forget her - she loved wearing her jewellery, she was fashion-conscious and very charismatic, she wouldn't blend into the background."

Rebecca said she has already told her own children that Natalie "has gone to be with the angels."

"As far as I'm concerned, we're waiting for a body to be found," she said.

Rebecca said the family were now waiting for the results of forensic tests and the National Crime Faculty inquiries.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said Natalie was still missing and they were still seeking information about her disappearance.

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