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Last Updated: Friday, 6 February, 2004, 16:39 GMT
Diversion could tackle flood chaos
Cars in flood
Traffic is diverted from main roads onto the minor road
Traffic chaos created every time a river floods in Machynlleth could lead to a new way of diverting traffic around the town.

The flooding of the river Dyfi at Dyfi Bridge in Machynlleth means that traffic going through the town to Dolgellau in the north and Aberystwyth in the south is diverted along a narrow B road.

Local resident Marcus Evans said it had led to "general trauma" with cars, vans and lorries having to pass each other on a road that often becomes flooded as well.

Police in Machynlleth have now called on Powys Council to improve its signage to set up a better way of diverting traffic.

This causes chaos due to broken down vehicles, people turning around, and scenes of general trauma
Marcus Evans, Llanwrin resident

Mr Evans, of Llanwrin, lives on the B road, which he compared to the M25 when the river Dyfi floods.

"The B road has blocked culverts and inadequate drainage and becomes impassable to light traffic.

Less traffic

"This causes chaos due to broken down vehicles, people turning around, and scenes of general trauma," said Mr Evans.

"But this problem could be easily resolved with minimal cost to the council.

"All traffic travelling north is currently diverted from the A489 trunk road to this B road.

"But if Dolgellau and north Wales traffic was to be signed to stay on the A489 for a mere 300 metres that traffic would join up with the A470.

"This takes them on a route to Dolgellau which is three miles shorter than the current diversion!

"Traffic going towards Tywyn and Aberdyfi could still go on the B road but with a lot less traffic on it."

Pc Alan Mills, based at Machynlleth police, said it would make sense if north Wales traffic was not diverted around Llanwrin.

"I also have to say that the council have to deal with the way that traffic is diverted around Machynlleth because the signage is not clear enough for drivers."

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