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Anger over seaside sex shop
Pier Street, Aberystwyth
The sex shop should open in September
A plan for the first sex shop in Aberystwyth has angered businesses nearby.

Neath-based businessman Piet Manca is to open the latest in his chain of shops in Aberystwyth on 1 September.

He has signed a lease allowing him to take charge of the shop on Pier Street, 50 yards from the seafront.

Mr Manca said he had decided to branch out into mid Wales because he believed there was a market - especially amongst students in the university town.

There is a market for this sort of stuff and it will save people going out of town to shop
Carol Kolczak, former mayor

He said he was also considering setting up an escort service.

But businesses are worried about the effect the shop will have on their trade.

Jack Millward, 84, runs art shop, Gallery 72, next door to the new shop.

"I have lived in Aberystwyth since 1940 and I have never heard of anything like this," he said.

"I hate the idea and it will do nothing for the image of the town."

Tony Chung owns a Chinese restaurant next door to the proposed sex shop.

Tony Chung
Tony Chung fears the shop's image may affect his business

"I am worried that the image of this place will affect our business because we have a lot of families eating at our restaurant," said Mr Chung.

The premises are owned by Ruby Mander, whose husband, Paul currently manages a shop on the site.

"This shop will be nothing compared to what people see on the internet," said Mr Mander.

"You can only hide away so long from these things and I have to look out for our business interests."

However, former mayor of Aberystwyth, Carol Kolczak said she believed the shop could be successful.

"There is a market for this sort of stuff and it will save people going out of town to shop," she added.

Paul Mander
Mr Mander said he had to look after his business interests

The 45-year-old businessman started his Little Amsterdam chain nine years ago when he opened a shop in Blackpool.

Earlier this year, Mr Manca upset Welsh Secretary Peter Hain by opening a shop next to the Labour politician's Neath constituency office.

"I won't need a licence to open my shop in Aberystwyth because I stay within the law," said Mr Manca.

"But I will approach Ceredigion Council and the police and invite them to meet me."


A council spokesman said they would have to look into the matter before deciding whether Mr Manca needed a licence.

He added that for a shop not to need a licence, a certain percentage of goods for sale had to have nothing to do with the sex industry.

"If we decided he did need a licence then the matter would go before a licensing panel of five councillors," he added.

Mr Manca has signed a seven-year lease for the Pier Street shop and has paid a 3,000 deposit to take over the lease.

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