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Ukraine famine diaries on show


The 1930s diaries of a Welsh investigative reporter who exposed Stalin's "terror famine" in Soviet Ukraine are to go on public display for the first time.

Gareth Jones, who was an aide to David Lloyd George, risked his life to travel into Ukraine via Moscow to verify the reports of a famine.

The Holodomor saw millions of Ukrainians starve to death as a result of economic and trade policies instituted by Stalin.

Mr Jones' diaries cover the period from 1932-33.

Despite his stories appearing in newspapers across the western world, revealing the plight of Ukrainian peasants starving to death, he was discredited by other journalists and banned from the USSR.

But his grand-nephew, Nigel Linsan Colley, said Mr Jones had believed in exposing the truth of what was happening to the Ukrainian people.

Two years later, while working in China, Mr Jones was murdered. He was 29.

His diaries had remained largely forgotten in the house of his older sister and were not uncovered until she died in the 1990s.

Mr Jones' diaries are now on display in Trinity College, Cambridge.

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