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Cage fighters' stag night web hit


Two drunk men pick a fight with cage fighters dressed as women

Cage fighters picked on because they were dressed as women for a stag night say they are surprised that CCTV of the incident has become an internet hit.

Daniel Lerwell and James Lilley, of Swansea, were out in the city in August when they were confronted by two drunk men as they walked down the street.

CCTV shows the fighters, in skirts and wigs, easily floor the assailants who have since been given community orders.

"They picked the wrong guys," said Mr Lerwell, also known as "Lights Out".

Footage of the altercation has appeared on countless websites where it has been viewed extensively.

Daniel Lerwell
Daniel 'Lights Out' Lerwell fights for the Swansea Predators team

It shows Mr Lerwell and Mr Lilley - members of the Swansea Predators cage fighting team from Mount Pleasant - dressed in women's clothing celebrating a stag night in Swansea city centre on 30 August this year.

The pair, whose fighting names are "Lights Out" Lerwell and "Lion Heart" Lilley, were on their way to join about 10 fellow cage fighters in a nightclub when they were picked on.

"I saw these boys go up to James and start calling him names, and then he was hit," said 23-year-old Mr Lerwell, a plumber.

"I wasn't really thinking, it was just instinct really."

Mr Lerwell said that he and Mr Lilley had not given the incident a second thought afterwards until he saw themselves in video stills in a local paper some weeks later.

"It was surprise," he said. "We'd forgotten all about it."

He added that since the publicity surrounding the brief scuffle: "My phone hasn't stopped ringing."

Mr Lilley added: "It's just a shame that people like that spoil things for everyone.

"A few of the boys were going out for a night and just thought we would do something different which was why were in drag.

'Intoxicated and aggressive'

"We were due to knuckle down to training because we had a fight coming up in six weeks, and it was the last chance for a blow-out."

The pair's assailants, Dean Jonathan Gardner, 19, and Jason Andrew Fender, 22, both from Bonymaen, have since appeared in Swansea Magistrates Court admitting using intimidating behaviour or words.

The court heard that Gardner and Fender were both intoxicated and aggressive during the early hours of 30 August after drinking jugs of cocktails.

A CCTV camera first captured the pair in a fight outside a nightclub with a man dressed as Spider-Man.

You know it cannot have been a good night when you get into a fight with Spider-Man and two cross-dressing men
Mark Davies, defence lawyer

They are then seen walking along Kingsway before Gardener confronts Mr Lilley, dressed in black hot pants and a pink wig.

After throwing a punch at him, Gardner and then Fender are both quickly floored by Mr Lerwell, wearing a short black dress with stockings and suspenders.

When Gardner eventually gets to his feet, he groggily stumbles along before falling over again.

Mark Davies, defending, said: "You know it cannot have been a good night when you get into a fight with Spider-Man and two cross-dressing men."

Gardner and Fender were ordered to carry out a four-month community order, during which they will be electronically tagged, and to pay prosecution costs of £85 each.

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