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Whale body 'to be used for fuel'

Whale's body
The body of the whale was taken off the beach and to a storage depot

A dead minke whale washed up on a south Wales beach is to be turned into bone meal to be used as fuel for power stations.

The whale carcass is being held at a compound in Cardiff before being transported to Dorset by animal and cattle experts Frome Vale.

Its rendering plant usually deals with animal carcasses, putting them through a cooking process to make the fuel.

The 33ft (10m) whale was washed up at Cold Knap, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

Frome Vale, which also has experience in disposing of marine life across the south and west regional coast lines, is licensed with Defra and operates in accordance with the animal by-products regulations.

Manager Peter Goring said animal waste is dealt with in two main ways - incineration or rendering - and his company uses rendering - a cooking and separating process.

The bone meal they produce is mostly used in power stations, he added.

The Vale of Glamorgan council confirmed the whale is to be taken away.

This has been an unusual and complex operation
Colin Smith, Vale of Glamorgan council

Works manager Colin Smith said: "This has been an unusual and complex operation but thankfully, with a co-ordinated effort between all the parties involved, it has resulted in an efficient removal.

"As a result I would like to extend my gratitude on behalf of the council to all those who worked with us for their valued contribution."

Dozens of onlookers went to Cold Knap on Tuesday when the creature's body washed up.

The body of the whale was then washed out by the tide, before once again becoming lodged on rocks nearby.

It is believed to have been initially sighted off Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, on Monday.

Rescuers from Somerset had tried unsuccessfully to tow it out to sea before it appeared again at Barry on Tuesday morning.

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