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Twin confusion for attack victim

Gavin and Rhys Higgins
The Higgins twins both deny attacking victim Darryl Churchill, with Rhys Higgins saying he is "not a fighting man"

A pair of identical twins have been accused of punching a man in a rugby club - even though he doesn't know which one it was.

Gavin and Rhys Higgins, 21, are both on trial after one of them allegedly assaulted the 40-year-old at a rugby club party in Blaengarw, Bridgend.

But victim Darryl Churchill told Cardiff Crown Court: "It was one of the twins - I don't know which one."

The twins, of Blaengarw, each deny assault causing actual bodily harm.

Mr Churchill told the court how one of the twins set upon him at a family party in a dispute over a pool match he had refereed where one of the brothers was playing.

He was "punched and kicked" and needed an operation to straighten a kink in his nose, the court heard.

But he admitted he couldn't tell which brother it was because the pair look so alike.

Darryl Churchill is someone I'm scared of. If he was walking down the street I would cross the road
Rhys Higgins

He said: "Someone came up to the table and tapped me on the shoulder. It was one of the twins and he said: 'Remember me at the pool match? Come outside'."

Mr Churchill said both brothers repeatedly gestured to him to come outside but he refused.

But when he went to the toilet, one twin struck him from the side at Blaengarw rugby club.

Asked which twin had dealt the first blow, he told the jury: "I don't know, they both look the same to me."

But Rhys Higgins claimed he was attacked by Mr Churchill as he was leaving the club to watch a fight with boxer Joe Calzaghe.

He said: "It's incorrect to say I started it. That is 100%, no.

"I'm not a fighting man, Darryl Churchill is someone I'm scared of. If he was walking down the street I would cross the road.

"He rushed up to me as I was leaving the club. I didn't have any time to get ready and he punched me in the right eye.

"We both went to the ground and were wrestling and grappling, there were some exchanges."

Asked if he caused Mr Churchill's injuries, Rhys said: "I didn't see a mark on him."

Birthday party

Mr Churchill was in the club with his 10-year-old son for a birthday party celebration in the rugby club.

Gavin Higgins denied being any part in the attack - and told how he saw Mr Churchill attack his identical twin.

He said: "Darryl Churchill came over and hit my brother in the face.

"He attacked my brother. Chuchill and his friend attacked Rhys.

"I saw them both march towards him. Darryl Churchill struck him in the face with such force they both went to the floor.

"As my brother was trying to get up Churchill's friend was on his back."

Gavin denied being involved in the alleged altercation in the rugby club.

He said: "I didn't know the guy at all, He was staring at me in the evening and said: "I'll be round your house in the morning"

"I didn't get involved. I didn't help my brother and I didn't need to because there was a lot of others there."

The trial continues.

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