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Boxer Calzaghe 'was not misled'

Joe Calzaghe (left) with promoter Frank Warren during a press conference at Planet Hollywood, London, 23 January 2008
Joe Calzaghe was promoted by Frank Warren for 12 years

Boxing promoter Frank Warren has told the High Court he never misled undefeated world champion Joe Calzaghe while acting as his manager.

Mr Warren is claiming the super-middleweight owes him 1m for breaking a verbal contract for one more fight.

However, the Welsh boxer claims he is owed 2m in unpaid fees.

His legal team put it to Mr Warren that there had been a conflict of interest between his role as the Newbridge fighter's manager and his promoter.

He held this role for 10 years from 1997, when Mr Calzaghe took over promoting his own fights until he retired undefeated earlier this year.

Ian Mill QC said as manager he was supposed to look after the boxer's best interests but as promoter he had to "secure all due profit and reward" for his company.

It could mean paying "as little as possible" to Mr Calzaghe and selecting fights in the best interests of the promoter rather than the boxer.

Why are you trying to say I misled him in his career when it was a textbook career?
Frank Warren

Mr Warren called such claims "ridiculous", adding: "He can't say that I done him down.

"I advised him which fights would be good for him at each stage of his career."

Mr Mill asked: "As manager or promoter?"

"I was doing it as a friend, but probably all three," said Mr Warren.

"Why are you trying to say I misled him in his career when it was a textbook career?"

He told the judge Mr Justice Wyn Williams: "Each time I was negotiating for Mr Calzaghe I was setting up a programme of fights, which is what he asked for.

"He approached me to manage and promote him."

Mr Mills said: "Can I suggest to you that the reason you want to be manager and promoter is so you do not have any person interfering with your business interests as promoter."

"That is not true," said Mr Warren.

'Dehydration and hunger'

Mr Mill disputed Mr Warren's claim that he had ceased to manage Mr Calzaghe in 2007 because his contract had expired.

"That is not why you stopped. The reason you stopped was because Joe Calzaghe didn't want you to manage him."

Mr Warren replied: "He said he wanted to manage himself."

On Monday, the court heard Mr Calzaghe had claimed he had been persuaded to sign deals under duress whilst suffering dehydration and hunger preparing for fights.

Mr Warren's legal team rejected this, producing copies of contracts which they said were always scrutinised by the fighter's solicitors.

The case is continuing.

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