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Puppy survives 200ft quarry fall

Cliff where Dotty fell
Dotty fell 200ft (60.6m) over a cliff and into a flooded quarry after chasing a bird

A puppy survived after plunging more than 200ft (60.6m) over a cliff into a flooded quarry.

The cocker spaniel called Dotty was chasing a bird near her owner's home in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, when she tumbled over the edge.

The seven-month-old pet bounced off the cliff face three times before hitting the icy water at an estimated 50mph.

But luckily a sub-aqua team were diving in the quarry, saw her splash landing and helped her.

One of the group swam over and lifted Dotty to safety before they gave her oxygen from their tanks. Moments later her tail was wagging.

Dotty the dog and owner Keli Beamon
For about three days she walked round with an astonished look on her face but she was soon back to normal
Keli Beamon, Dottie's owner

Owner Keli Beamon, 45, who could only watch as Dotty fell, climbed down into the quarry expecting to find her pet had been killed by the fall.

But instead Dotty leapt into her arms unscathed.

Keli, 45, said: "She must be the luckiest dog in the world - it's a miracle she survived.

"The fall alone should have killed her - and entering the water at that speed must have been like hitting a brick wall.

"I couldn't believe it when I found her on all fours with her tail wagging."

Physiotherapist Keli was walking Dotty across fields near her home when the dog chased after a bird.

"She must have been looking up and the ground suddenly disappeared from under her feet," she said.

"I peered over the cliff edge and I was expecting to see her splattered on a rock below.

"But then I could see her in the arms of one of the divers 200ft below."

Dotty the dog
Rescuers were amazed Dotty made such a quick recovery

She added: "One of the divers said he saw her hit the cliff three times on the way down. And they said she had gone 10ft under the surface of the water.

"She was very cold because the water was just two degrees but she escaped without a scratch.

"For about three days she walked round with an astonished look on her face but she was soon back to normal."

Diving group leader Terry Birtles said: "She is one lucky dog - I don't know how a dog could survive a fall like that.

"We got her out of the water and she was in shock but there was no sign of any physical damage.

"We brought her round with some oxygen and wrapped her in a blanket.

"But we were all amazed she made such a quick recovery."

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