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Man is injured in 'gas explosion'


One man suffered burns to his hands and his parents were treated for shock

A man was treated in hospital after a gas explosion, which blew the windows out of his home in Flintshire.

The force of the explosion at the house in Stanley Street in Mold at 0910 GMT also blew the front door off.

A man in his early 40s was treated for burns to his hands at Wrexham Maelor Hospital but later released, while his parents suffered shock.

The street was cordoned off and three properties evacuated, and gas engineers and fire officers were checking homes.

The man, who has not been named, later returned to the area after being discharged from hospital, with his hands in bandages.

Emergency services are at the scene
Anybody walking past would have been killed. The force was so strong the front door blew off and hit a house over the road
Resident Richie Jones

He said: "Everything's all right, I'm just a bit sore."

Noel Lloyd, who lives in Stanley Street, said; "It was a hell of a bang. We all heard it.

"If you saw the inside of the house you would not believe anybody got out alive."

He said he spoke to the man hurt in the explosion.

"He said everything fell on top of him,. the ceiling, everything. He couldn't believe he'd got out alive.

"I asked him what happened and he said he just sat down to watch TV, lit a cigarette and then 'Whoosh!'."

Mr Lloyd said residents in the street were evacuated 11 years ago when there was a problem with a gas main.

Another resident, Richie Jones, helped to douse curtains that had caught alight.

He said: "I dragged the curtains out. I went inside and the TV remote control was still smoking. Everything that was near the gas meter was on fire.

He said the injured man had escaped quickly but his parents were "wondering around at the back of the house".

He added: "They have all been incredibly lucky. His parents looked OK but they were very shaken up.

Mr Jones said, if it had happened a bit earlier, children walking to the Bryn Coch primary school could have been injured in the blast because they all walk down the street.


"Anybody walking past would have been killed. The force was so strong the front door blew off and hit a house over the road."

North Wales Fire Service said crews from Mold and Buckley were called to the explosion along with the other emergency services.

The spokesperson said the injured man had been taken to hospital at Wrexham

Properties on Stanley Street were currently being checked out by the fire service and gas engineers.

The cause of the explosion is now under investigation.

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