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Fouling fine as dog followed home

Pendine beach
The dog was spotted out alone on Pendine beach

A pet owner was handed a 75 fine after his dog, who was out alone, was followed home by patrol staff who spotted it fouling on a beach.

Staff working on Pendine Beach in Carmarthenshire followed the dog, identified by tags on its collar, back to its owner's property nearby.

They issued the animal's owner with a notice to pay a fine.

Environmental health officials are now urging people to report the description of any dogs spotted fouling.

Councillor Haydn Jones said: "Dog faeces left anywhere can be a serious health risk. The majority of residents take their responsibilities seriously but there is still a small minority who do not listen.

Beach patrols

"Hopefully this will act as a warning to others that this anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and those caught breaking the law will be prosecuted."

Environmental health officials from Carmarthenshire council have also warned dog owners to clean up immediately after their pets after used poop scoop bags were left on rocks on the beach for a time before being put in the bin.

Area environmental officer Michael Roberts said: "We witnessed two incidents of this while the dog owners spent some time walking along the beach.

"The owners did eventually pick up the bags on their return, but during the time the bags were left on the beach, we noticed young children playing around the area where the bags had been left.

"This is potentially hazardous to young children and words of advice were given to both dog owners to refrain from undertaking this practice."

People in the area who see someone allowing a dog to foul are asked to note what has happened as soon as possible and include the time, date and location, a description of the dog and the person in charge of the dog before reporting it to Carmarthenshire Council.

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