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Rain leaves rivers on flood watch


Flooding hits parts of south Wales as warnings continue of more heavy rain

Flood watches are in place for three rivers in south Wales for Wednesday night after heavy rain through the day brought localised flooding.

Businesses in one Bridgend street said they were battling against 3ft (0.9m) of floodwater coming through cellars.

The Environment Agency Wales issued flood watches for the rivers Ewenny, Llynfi and Ogmore.

The rain is set to clear through the night, and Thursday will be bright with scattered showers.

BBC Wales weather forecaster Derek Brockway said the rainfall was less than was feared, although it may still bring more flooding.

The Press Association's weather division, Meteogroup UK, reported south Wales as having the highest rainfall in the UK on Wednesday, with 23mm (0.9in) falling in six hours from 0600 GMT.

The downpour led to the Met Office issuing flash warnings at 1300 GMT of heavy rain from Newport in the east to Swansea in the west.

It said more heavy rain would affect south Wales in the afternoon and early evening, giving a further 15mm - 25mm (0.6in - 1in) and as much as 30mm (1.2in) in places.

Forecasters have predicted as much as three-quarters of an average month's rainfall by the end of Wednesday.


Shopkeepers in Caroline Street in Bridgend were battling against rising floodwaters.

Up to 3ft (0.9m) of water poured into the cellars of at least two businesses, including Celtic Jewellers, whose owner Clive Barber said his store flooded two or three times a year.

He estimated the damage this time would run into thousands of pounds, with most of the water coming up through the toilet.

The maintenance manager of a nearby office affected said the water rose quickly.

He said: "We came out to mop up from yesterday. It was nice and clean and the next thing you know, out the back, 6ft of water shot in the air and within no time there was 2ft of water in here. And it's the third time in a week.

"It could happen again tomorrow if it rains heavy tonight. We're here all night, on standby until the rain stops."

Derek Brockway said: "South Wales is bearing the brunt of the heavy rain, typically 15mm - 25mm, in places, more on some of the hills and higher ground.

"That is less than we thought yesterday. It has brought localised flooding in Bridgend and a risk of more local flooding by the the end of today."



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