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Lost singing parrot 'walks alone'

A parrot - generic
Yozzer is grey and the size of a large pigeon - with a red tail

The search is on for a much-loved parrot which sings the Liverpool fans' favourite You'll Never Walk Alone.

Yozzer, an African Grey, spread his wings and flew out of his home in Newtown, Powys, when the front door was opened.

The parrot has been missing for more than a week - but there have been three sightings around the area.

Liverpool fan Ivor Thomas said as well as singing the terrace anthem, Yozzer sometimes watches the football on TV.

I go to my flat now, it's like an empty space - I am living in hope he is surviving and there will be a happy ending
Ivor Thomas

Mr Thomas, a window cleaner, said he has driven hundreds of miles to search for the bird, which went missing on 15 June.

Mr Thomas, who is offering a reward, said: "I let him out of his cage and I went to another room to do some book work - I forgot he was out. Then the bell rang and my sister's little girl was at the door."

"I heard his wings beating and he was straight out of the door," said Mr Thomas.

Yozzer, named after the character Yosser Hughes from 80s TV drama Boys From The Blackstuff, normally eats sunflower seeds, nuts, fruit and the odd bit of white milk chocolate.

"He's such a character. He's bound to be a bit hungry now," added Mr Thomas.

"He sings You'll Never Walk Alone. And he says 'apples' in the morning when I ask him what he wants - and he normally watches football with me.

"He has got such intelligence, Yozzer learnt how to speak quicker than a child - by the age of 18 months he was talking really quickly."

Mr Thomas said he saw Yozzer after he disappeared and nearly reached him but a dog came running nearby and he flew off again.

"I have been looking everywhere for him, I have been on top of Treowen, put flyers around the villages," he said.

Mr Thomas said there have been three sightings of the grey parrot, the last one was on Monday by someone who spotted him just walking by the side of the road.

He added: "I go to my flat now, it's like an empty space - I am living in hope he is surviving and there will be a happy ending."

He has asked anyone who sees Yozzer to feed him, and report the sighting. The police have been informed, said Mr Thomas.

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