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Last Updated: Monday, 17 March 2008, 06:39 GMT
'Superhero' train safety message
Arriva Trains Wales train
Welsh rail passengers are involved in more than a 100 accidents a year
Superheroes with names like "Rush Gordon" and "Wander Woman" are taking to train platforms across Wales in a bid to cut accidents.

The initiative by Arriva Train Wales is to highlight more than 100 incidents in stations and on trains in Wales every year.

Passengers are also being urged to report dangerous behaviour to staff.

"While this a light-hearted campaign, there's a very serious message," said Arriva's Mike Bagshaw.

"Although the number of passenger accidents overall is decreasing, over 100 accidents per year is still too many.

"Drink-related accidents in particular are of concern, as it is often the lack of judgement associated with alcohol that leads to serious accidents."

Accidental injury occurring in public places is sadly often as a result of poor individual behaviour
Steve Baker, RoSPA Wales

The campaign is also warning passengers to take care on trains, as well as in stations.

Almost a quarter of all accidents involving the railways take place in train carriages.

The top hotspots in Wales for incidents include Cardiff's Central and Queen Street stations, Newport, Bridgend, Pontypridd, Rhyl and Swansea.

Arriva said that rushing for trains or to leave stations, drinking too much, and not supervising children enough were the three key reasons for accidents.


As part of the safety drive, the "superhero" characters of Rush Gordon, Wander Woman and Super-Twerp will be patrolling platforms across Wales on Monday.

Train staff will also be wearing 'super safety' stickers, and handing out leaflets spelling out how passengers can enjoy their journeys without incident.

Welcoming the initiative, the head of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Wales, Steve Baker added: "Accidental injury occurring in public places is sadly often as a result of poor individual behaviour and a lack of personal responsibility.

"Experience has show us that high-impact and visual safety campaigns are very effective in raising the awareness of risks and unsafe practices."

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