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Last Updated: Saturday, 1 March 2008, 14:39 GMT
Morgan hopes for dolphin farewell
Cardigan Bay dolphin
The west Wales coast is home to many dolphins
First Minister Rhodri Morgan has revealed he would ideally like to spend his last day on earth with dolphins.

Mr Morgan, who was last year treated for two partially-blocked arteries, said he felt an affinity to them because of his new healthy fish diet.

He now eats mackerel like dolphins and says he would like to swim with them at his favourite beach - Mwnt, Ceredigion.

He spoke of his wish on BBC Radio Wales' The Final Curtain, where guests reveal their ideal last day alive.

Mr Morgan told presenter Max Boyce he would choose the beach at Mwnt over places he would like to visit, including the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.

He and his family have been visiting the west Wales hamlet for 40 years and he said he hopes to spend more time there when he retires.

Rhodri Morgan
I just want to be able to communicate with dolphins, it would be fantastic and swim with them
Rhodri Morgan

"It's a fantastic beach," he said.

"It doesn't matter where you go in the world, you won't find better beaches (than in west Wales).

"You might find hotter beaches, of course, but then they will probably have millions of people there and it's very difficult to move."

He said he had seen wild dolphins at Mwnt before and had always admired them.

But Mr Morgan, who wants to step down from Wales' top political job around his 70th birthday in September 2009, said he had a new affinity with them after changing his diet following his heart surgery.

"Since I had my heart problem last July I changed my diet into this high fish oil diet, more omega 3 and all of that and it's had a dramatic impact on my state of health. I do feel 10 years younger," he said.

Mwnt beach
Mr Morgan and his family has been going to Mwnt for 40 years

"Because their interest is mackerel and my interest is mackerel... I want to be able to communicate with the dolphin to say, well I have changed my diet to something much more like yours now."

He went on: "I just want to be able to communicate with dolphins, it would be fantastic and swim with them. That would be a wonderful thing to do."

As proof of how much he enjoys his new diet, Mr Morgan chose a healthy menu for his desired last meal on earth - with mackerel salad to start, followed by Welsh black organic steak and vegetables and fruit salad.

"It's just so delicious," he said of his new love for healthy food.

"You don't feel bloated. You feel full and satisfied but you don't feel bloated."

The series asks people to pick their favourite places and people - apart from family and friends - to spend their last day.

He said his one unfulfilled fantasy was that he had never been able to run a four-minute mile like his hero Roger Bannister did in 1954.

He said: "Everybody of my generation who was tall and slim and therefore the wrong build to be a rugby player wanted to be Roger Bannister."

Hear why Rhodri Morgan loves dolphins so much


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