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Teenager's body found in Bridgend

Jenna Parry
Jenna Parry was from Cefn Cribwr

Another body of a young person has been found in the Bridgend area.

South Wales Police named her as 16-year-old Jenna Parry, who was from the village of Cefn Cribwr, around five miles from Bridgend.

Her body was found early this morning in a woodland area by a man walking his dog across the village common.

Police said there was no link between a number of suicides in the area and no suggestion of a pact, saying they "were all young people with big issues".

The death in Cefn Cribwr is the 17th suspected suicide of a young person in the Bridgend county area in just over a year.

Last week, two cousins, aged 15 and 20, both from Bridgend, died within two days of each other.

Samaritans 08457 909090
Childline 0800 1111
Papyrus, specialists in preventing young suicide 01978 367333

South Wales Police, who have been conducting a review of other suspected suicides in the area, held a briefing.

Assistant Chief Constable Dave Morris said: "A number had access to social networking sites but there's no suggestion that anybody used these sites as a means to take their lives.

"They were all young people with big issues. There are a constellation of factors influencing these young people. Young people tell us that the media coverage is starting to contribute to those pressures."

The parents of Nathaniel Pritchard, 15, who died in hospital last week, were present to read a statement.

His cousin Kelly Stephenson, 20, also from Cefn Glas in Bridgend, was found dead while on holiday the following day.

Sharon Pritchard and husband Vincent appealed to the media to stop high profile coverage.

They said: "We have lost a son, and media coverage made a difficult time unbearable. We did not wish to speak to the media. Not just for ourselves but for other families.

"We feel the media coverage could trigger other people who are already feeling low - to take their own lives.

"We feel that Nathaniel might have thought it was a way of getting attention without fully thinking through the consequences."

They said they never believed there was any 'internet pact'.

Nathaniel Pritchard and Kelly Stephenson
The cousins died within hours of each other

Local assembly member Carwyn Jones, last weekend said the suspected suicides were spread county-wide, across a 130,000 population and seemed to be unrelated.

Today he welcomed the launch of a suicide prevention strategy for the Bridgend area.

Mr Jones said it had "taken a great deal of hard work and effort to prepare, will be of tremendous value and support to professionals in Bridgend".

Latest statistics available from the Office for National Statistics show that there were three suicides in 2004-2005 in the Bridgend area for those aged between 15 and 30, and three in 2006.

All were male.

Meanwhile, Welsh health minister Edwina Hart has just written to all AMs saying that she is accelerating work already underway for a suicide prevention action plan for Wales.

She said that the recent sad deaths from suicide in young people in South Wales highlighted the need to pull together the significant amounts of suicide prevention policy and initiatives in place into a single action plan.

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