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Last Updated: Friday, 8 February 2008, 05:00 GMT
Coroner denies 13 suicides linked
[Top, L-R) Dale Crole, Gareth Morgan, Liam Clarke, David Dilling; [Bottom, L-R) Thomas Davies, Zachary Barnes, Natasha Randall
I cannot be the only one who thinks it's unacceptable that young people will die while waiting for charity funds to be made available
Madeleine Moon MP
The coroner investigating the suicides of 13 young people in and around Bridgend has said he does not believe the deaths are connected.

Phillip Walters said press speculation about "suicide pacts" was incorrect.

Madeleine Moon, the local MP, said the spate of deaths in the area masked a suicide rate across Wales that was 35% higher than in England.

She pointed out that Scotland had invested 20m in a suicide strategy while Bridgend was waiting for funding.

Ms Moon said lottery funding may not be available until next year.

She called for a suicide prevention strategy for Wales, and said it was "shocking" one had not been set up.

'Dying for funds'

Wales Office minister Huw Irranca-Davies said "concerted efforts" were being made over the problem.

Ms Moon secured the adjournment debate in the Commons following 14 suspected suicides among people under 26 in and around Bridgend over the past year.

Dale Crole, 18, died Porthcawl, 5 Jan 2007
David Dilling, 19, died Pyle, 18 Feb 2007
Thomas Davies, 20, died Pyle, 25 Feb 2007
Anthony Martin, 19, died Cefn Glas, Bridgend, 26 Apr 2007
Alan Price, 21, died Maesteg, Apr 2007
James Knight, 26, died Cefn Cribbwr, Bridgend 17 May 2007
Leigh Jenkins, 22, died Maesteg, 3 June 2007
Zachary Barnes, 17, died Brackla, Bridgend, 11 Aug 2007
Jason Williams, 21, died North Cornelly, 23 Aug 2007
Andrew O'Neill, 20, died Nantymoel, 19 Sept 2007
Liam Clarke, 20, died Bridgend, 27 Dec 2007
Gareth Morgan, 27, died Bridgend, 5 Jan 2008
Natasha Randall, 17, died Blaengarw, 17 Jan 2008
Angie Fuller, 19, died Nantymoel, 4 Feb 2008 - police say not connected with other deaths.

She said: "I cannot be the only one who thinks it's unacceptable that young people will die while waiting for charity funds to be made available.

"Wales needs a national suicide strategy. The successful templates are there in Scotland and England, the local strategy is there for Bridgend."

Ms Moon also attacked the gloomy picture painted of Bridgend in the media following the disclosure of the spate of young suicides.

She said the town was a "good place to live and bring up a family".

Mr Irranca-Davies said the deaths in Bridgend were of great concern to all MPs and efforts were being made across Wales, and within the assembly, to deal with the suicide problem.

He said: "It is important we try to learn lessons from these tragic incidences that have occurred to enable us to consider how we prevent future deaths.

"Suicide prevention should not be seen as the exclusive responsibility of any one sector of society.

"We must all play a part in reducing suicides including the local communities."

The minister also urged responsibility in reporting the issue.

He said: "The reason why the Bridgend area is under intense focus is clear, firstly we acknowledge that over the last 10 years the rates of suicide for those aged 16-29 are higher than elsewhere in Wales.

"The recent deaths of young women - an untypical pattern, and speculation over links to internet or other means, have given Bridgend an understandable prominence."

A taskforce is also examining suicides in Bridgend county since 2004.

The stepfather of a man who committed suicide tells his story


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